Highlights of the week 13th – 17th November

Highlights of the week 13th – 17th November

Circle Time:

Phonological Awareness :

  • Various phonological awareness activities were done.


Read aloud:

Read alouds from Sr. KG monthly read aloud list.



  • Introduction of numbers 51-60
  • Introduction of number names 41-50
  • Revision of all mathematical concepts done till date.



  • Introduction of digraph “ie”
  • Revision of tricky words done till date.
  • Summative assessment of tricky words was taken.
  • Dictation of ‘ai’ and ‘oa’ words.




TDT : How we express ourselves.

Central Idea : We can express ourselves in many different ways.

  • Banner making:- In group of fours, learners made banners for an idea (message) which they conveyed  to others.
  • Read alouds




Writing ‘ie’ (cried, fried, tied, die, lied, ties, dried, pie) words 3 times in the notebook.



Math workbook:- Pg:- 48, 49, 50.



Important points :

  • Kindly ensure revision of taught concepts in Math.
  • Kindly ensure daily revision of tricky words(reading and writing).
  • Kindly conduct read aloud everyday.
  • Give writing practice for the taught number names (One to Fifty only).

Have a marvelous weekend!



Sr. KG  Team.

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