Highlights of the week – 13th to 17th Nov.

Highlights of the week – 13th to 17th Nov.

Unit of Inquiry

  • The new unit under the Transdisciplinary theme ‘ Who We Are’ commenced. The main focus of the unit is to know oneself. Students  will learn about their physical and emotional characteristics, abilities and interest which will help them to develop their identity.



  • Chapter 11 ‘Ryan’s room’ was completed.



  • Term 1 summative assessment was conducted.
  • Learners constructed meaning for regrouping addition sums.



Language :

Task 1:

Empowering English Complete  (Pg 58-Think and match,  Pg 59- Grid, Pg 60 Position words)
EE book- Q2 Think and Match Pg 58
Q2 Read think and make words – Look at the Grid given below and make words. Pg 58
Q3 Read think and choose pg 59
Q3 Read think and write position words Pg 60

Task 2-

Comprehension worksheet


Complete the comprehension worksheet given.


Grade  1 Team 🙂

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