Term 2 PTM and Parent Orientation to the 4th Unit of Inquiry

Term 2 PTM and Parent Orientation to the 4th Unit of Inquiry

Dear Parent,

In an attempt to make ourselves more aware and responsive towards the growing needs of our children, we have the PTM and a sensitisation session planned for the parents of Grade 6 in connection with our ongoing unit Puberty (Who we are) on 30th November 2017 at 07:30 am.

The meeting is broadly divided into 2 halves:

  1. Curriculum meeting for 2 UOIs, Math and Language
  2. Parent orientation for the Who We Are unit by a well known pediatrician. 
The first half will be led by the Grade 6 HRTs and the 2nd half will be led by Dr. Swati Vinchurkar. She is a Consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist and is the founder of Urja Child development and rehabilitation centre for children with special needs. She has actively worked for various projects for Pediatric association, for promotion of Child friendly Surat City, Adolescent health education, Dyslexia Awareness, Breastfeeding awareness and promotion.
Dr. Swati will conduct the session followed by answering the queries of the parents. Please ask as many questions you have to clarify your doubt, so as to make most out of the session.
This PTM would be  a fantastic opportunity to understand the unit in detail apart from the Grade 6 Term 2 curriculum sharing.

We expect 100% attendance for this PTM, so that you have a broad idea of the unit and that you will be able to guide/mentor your ward during the pubertal phase of his/her life.

Looking forward to meeting you all on 30th November.

The PTM will commence sharp at 7:30. Kindly be seated by 07:25 am at Y Box. (Ground floor, block 5)
Note: Car pooling is highly encouraged.
Zahabiyah Shaikhmahmood
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