Grade 5 Inter House Drama Competition

Grade 5 Inter House Drama Competition

Dear Parents,

The process of Inter house drama competition has started and auditions for the same were done in cycle 16 and 17 (14th Nov to 29th Nov) .

The final competition will be held on 10th January 2018,Day 4 within the school hours. The students will be performing a skit for the competition and will have to do stay back before the competition. The details for the stay back will be update by 18th December.

Following students are selected for Inter House Drama Competition.


First Name Last Name Grade Section House
Kshiraj Thummar Grade 5 Reciprocity Dignity
Param Patel Grade 5 Conglomerate Dignity
Zainab Jariwala Grade 5 Reciprocity Dignity
Aarav Bhansali Grade 5 Reciprocity Dignity
Himanshu Sultania Grade 5 Coalition Dignity
Krrish Asija Grade 5 Alliance Dignity
Udayan Sastri Grade 5 Synergy Dignity
Pranshav Desai Grade 5 Consortium Dignity
Durva Patel Grade 5 Symbiosis Dignity
Jiyaa Parchwani Grade 5 Reciprocity Dignity
Shees Bandookwala Grade 5 Coalition Dignity


First Name Last Name Grade Section House
Akshita Goyal Grade 5 Coalition Unity
Anushka Patel Grade 5 Reciprocity Unity
Daksh Dhingra Grade 5 Alliance Unity
Harsh Dalal Grade 5 Conglomerate Unity
Kanishk Narsaria Grade 5 Synergy Unity
Nischal Jogani Grade 5 Consortium Unity
Nishka Sanklecha Grade 5 Symbiosis Unity
Sunay Kabra Grade 5 Consortium Unity
Advait Goyal Grade 5 Conglomerate Unity
Kshivean Taneja Grade 5 Collaboration Unity


First Name Last Name Grade Section House
Evva Gondalia Grade 5 Conglomerate Integrity
Kavya Shah Grade 5 Coalition Integrity
Krisshik Pachchigar Grade 5 Alliance Integrity
Murtuza Karachiwala Grade 5 Alliance Integrity
Preksha Karwa Grade 5 Alliance Integrity
Shiv Bergi Grade 5 Conglomerate Integrity
Aahana Rai Grade 5 Symbiosis Integrity
Malay Anghan Grade 5 Conglomerate Integrity
Stuti Rajyaguru Grade 5 Alliance Integrity
Tanay Mandhana Grade 5 Alliance Integrity


First Name Last Name Grade Section House
Aanya Zaveri Grade 5 Consortium Liberty
Aaryamaan Patel Grade 5 Alliance Liberty
Meet Thumar Grade 5 Consortium Liberty
Parisha Thakkar Grade 5 Reciprocity Liberty
Suhaan Sutariya Grade 5 Reciprocity Liberty
Dhyey Masada Grade 5 Collaboration Liberty
Saket Kejriwal Grade 5 Symbiosis Liberty
Vansh Issrani Grade 5 Collaboration Liberty
Shashwat Bhajanka Grade 5 Alliance Liberty
Pranay Malu Grade 5 Symbiosis Liberty

Rucha Kapadia

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