‘Grade 4, Resilience- Highlights and homework – 5th Dec. 2017’

‘Grade 4, Resilience- Highlights and homework – 5th Dec. 2017’

Day 4, Tuesday.

Star of the day: Neev Kothari (For being great participant in the class discussions)

Star of the camp: Entire class (For being responsible, caring, respectful during the nature camp)

Language: Learners understood description of setting in a story using characters, senses, lenses, moods, etc., by exploring this link: https://www.wikihow.com/Describe-the-Setting-in-a-Story#/Image:Describe-the-Setting-in-a-Story-Step-11-Version-2.jpg

Math: Students learned and constructed a line graph.



  1. Use the thesaurus and find a list of synonyms for the verb “run”. Find as many synonyms as you can and make the sentence on any 3 of the synonyms. Frame brilliant sentences using the synonym. Also, use adverbs to describe the verb.
  2. Revise and edit the setting of ‘My bedroom’ using maximum descriptive words in a paragraph on the basis of new understanding obtained in class. (Minimum 30 words)

Math: In your graph book complete stated task:

Task 1: Plot a line graph for the following data:

The average daily maximum temperature in Delhi  during the year:

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp c 19 23 25 36 40 36 35 30 24 20 12 4


Task 2: https://www.mathworksheets4kids.com/line-graph/interpret-easy-large.png


Poonam Sharma Yerunkar

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