Highlights of the day – 05/12/2017

Highlights of the day – 05/12/2017

Language :

  • Students were divided into groups and performed an activity on creative writing on Let us put Cinderella in Africa/China/India/Outer space given on page no. 80 of Empowering English Book.


  • Students solved multiplication word problems based on real life application.


  • The tuning in activity for new unit was conducted.



  • Draw and write about ‘My alien friend Proto’.


  • Solve the following word problems as per area model:

a) A bus carries 56 passengers in one trip. How many passengers are carried in 8 trips?

b) A stamp album can hold 52 stamps. How many stamps will 4 albums hold?

c) A school has 24 classrooms. The capacity of each class is of 48 students, find the total number of students in the school ?


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