Today’s Homework

Today’s Homework


Click on the link given below for the quiz:

Following are the ClassDojo points of 7 students of Grade-2. Create a graph using the scale of 2 and answer the following questions.

Name Prit Pal Pankaj Priya Priyank Pearl Pari
Points 17 9 22 8 11 22 18


  1. ‘Pankaj’s points are more than Pearl’s points.’ True or False.
  2. What is the difference between points of Pari and Priyank?

Process for creating Bar Graph:

  1. Decide on a title for your graph
  2. Draw the vertical and horizontal axis
  3. Label the horizontal axis
  4. Write the names as per your title
  5. Label the vertical axis
  6. Decide on the scale.
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