Long weekend homework – 8th, 9th and 10th December 2017

Long weekend homework – 8th, 9th and 10th December 2017


Goal Catered-

1- Use reference books, dictionaries, thesaurus and computer and web-based applications with increasing independence and responsibility.

2-Discuss personality and behavior of storybook characters, commenting on reasons why they might react in particular ways.

3-Know how to skim and scan texts

Answer the following questions in your Language EE notebook.

Note- The questions are based on the reader “ Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”

A- Understanding the texts.

1- What are the main characters in the story?

2- How was the setting of the Garage?

B- Looking at language.( Chapter -3)

Find the synonyms of the following words using the thesaurus and also form a brilliant sentence of the same.

1- emerged

2- gleamed


C- Exploring the characters.

1- What was the name given to MR. Caractacus by his neighbors?

2- Describe the character of Mr, Pott in your own words.( Refer Chapter 1 from Empowering English )

3- How did commander Pott earn money to buy a car?

D- Taking it further.

1- If you were asked to buy a car, what kind of car you will buy, What extraordinary feature you wish your car should have?


Solve the following in Maths Notebook

Task 1: Last Sunday grade 4 teachers visited ‘Mcdonald’ for a get together. There were in all 11 members. Everyone placed different orders and at the end of the party they shared the expenses. Read the questions given below and write answers with proper steps.

  • Mc Float (Coke / Fanta) Rs. 25/-
  • Veg Pizza McPuff. Rs. 25/-
  • Mc Aloo Tikki  Rs.30/-
  • Mc Veggie Rs. 67/-
  • Mc Spicy Paneer Rs. 116/-
  • Mc Veg Maharaja Rs. 101/-
  • Mc Aloo Wrap Rs. 25/-
  • French Fries (R) Rs. 50 /-
  • French Fries (M) Rs. 80 /-
  • French Fries (L) Rs. 110/-
  • Waffle Cone Rs. 25/-
  • McFlurry Oreo Rs. 45/-
  1. Sweta ma`am bought a Mc Float (Coke), French Fries (M), 2 Mc Aloo Tikki, how much money did she pay?
  2. Ritu ma`am bought McFlurry Oreo and Mc Spicy Paneer, how much change would she have received, if she paid Rs. 500?
  3. Suparna ma`am bought 2 Mc. Aloo Wrap, 1 French Fries (R) and 3 Mc Float (Fanta) how much did it cost?
  4. If McFloat was of 230 ml. What is the total quantity of McFloat bought by Suparna ma`am and Sweta ma`am?
  5. After eating everyone felt thirsty, hence they purchased 7 bottles of water, 550 ml each. What would be the total quantity of water? Answer in l.
  6. If the length of Mcdonald’s waiting room is 15m and breadth is 10m. What will be the area of the waiting room.
  7. If each teacher was carrying Rs. 8,000/- for the party. What was the total amount they all were carrying?
  8. How much did each teacher contribute if the bill was of Rs. 5,280/-

Task 2: Singer Arijit’s music album had just been released. The number of fan followers from a leading music site for the first ten days are noted. Read the data and draw a line graph in the graph book.

Day         Number of Fans
1                300
2                500
3                550
4                800
5                600
6                700
7                850
8                600
9                450
10              300

Task 3: Create a bar graph looking at  the tally marks and answer the questions.


Q.1) What are the total number of books read?

Q.2) In which interval maximum / minimum was read.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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