Highlights and Homework for 12th December

Highlights and Homework for 12th December

[Highlight Of The Day]

Language – The summative assessment for the poetry unit was conducted today.

Math – Learners practiced sums of addition and subtraction of decimals. (Transferring meaning into symbols stage of the Math cycle)

UOI – Learners started to watch the making of the movie Lagaan in order to understand the creating an art is not very easy and the artist has to have a good conviction about his idea of making the artwork, and also has to face a lot of challenges to accomplish his dream.


UOI – Watch the remaining half of the ‘Making of the movie – Lagaan’. It is shared with you online.


  • Do not bring pantry coupons tomorrow for HMB. Come prepared for sports day. 
  • Get your Chromebook tomorrow.

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