On Day 3 i.e 12th October Students were enthusiastic and full of energy to participate with zeal in the celebration of Sports Day to develop a sense of friendliness and team spirit.

Language – In language, we focused on the figure of speech -Hyberbole and Four Hilarious poems where students were divided into groups and were expected to prepare for the Presentation i.e Recitation of the poem with actions and voice modulation (chorus if possible.) The purpose of introducing these poems was to Recognize and understand figurative language and underlying meaning and purpose of the poem.

Language Formative Assessment was conducted to check the comprehension skill of the students.

Mathematics – This cycle, we continued with reviewing and practicing integer operations. Additionally, students were trained to construct meaning and work on solving integer word problems step by step with written statements, calculations and answer with units.

UOI – Advancing further into exploring the unit of puberty, students participated in the class discussion about physical changes they undergo during adolescence.After explaining about the physical changes we focussed on moving to emotional changes through a wheel game activity and taking the session on topics such as Peer Pressure and its understanding and making connection with examples.

Happy Learning!!!

Happy Weekend!!!



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