Highlights of the week – 18th to 22nd December

Highlights of the week – 18th to 22nd December

Circle Time:

Revision of all the rhymes was done.

Words of the week:

Revolution, revolve, orbit.

Phonological Awareness :

Various phonological awareness activities were done.

Read aloud:

Read alouds from Sr. KG monthly read aloud list.



  • Introduction of numbers from 91-99. (forward and backward)
  • Writing of Number names 81-90 (1 time) in Math notebook.
  • Introduction of the 3D shape CONE.
  • VA activity of Christmas tree was conducted.
  • Revision of all mathematical concepts done till date through centers.(Quantification, Before/After numbers, middle numbers, ascending order, skip counting by 2 and 5, patterns (4 attributes)



  • Introduction of the tricky words after, every, mother, father was done and writing the same 3 times in notebook.
  • Introduction of the digraph “ch” and “sh” was done.
  • Revision of digraph “ie”, “ee”, “or”, “ng” and “oo” through language centers.
  • Reading time from Cambridge Readers.



(Rotation and Revolution)

TDT : How the world works

Central Idea : The Earth’s natural cycles influence the activity of living things.

  • Introduction of revolution and seasons.
  • Impact of revolution.
  • Formative assessment of ‘rotation’ was conducted.
  • Revision of the following vocabulary: Equator, axis, Northern hemisphere, Southern hemisphere, poles, rotation.




Write the following ‘ch’ words (2 times) in the notebook:

chain, chin, chat, children, chess, chest, chips, check, chimp, chop, rich, much, such, bench, drench, pinch, bunch, lunch, munch, speech, torch


Math: Write the number names from 71-90 once in the notebook.

(Kindly follow the CW format)


Important points :

  • Please note that the reading magic books will be issued on Tuesday.
  • Kindly ensure revision of taught concepts in Math.
  • Kindly ensure daily revision of tricky words (reading and writing).
  • Kindly conduct read aloud everyday.
  • Give writing practice for the taught number names (One to Ninety only).


Have a fantabulous weekend !

Merry Christmas and a Happy Christmastide !


Sr. KG  Team.

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