Highlights of the Day 26thDecember(cycle 20)

Highlights of the Day 26thDecember(cycle 20)

[Highlight Of The Day]


  • The poems given in the chapter no. 22 of the EE book were read and discussed in the class. The poems were read for enjoyment, rhyme and rhythm.
  • The students were given the task to choose any of the poems given in chapter 22 of Empowering English and create a similar kind of poem. 
  • Math

  • Teacher role modeled the multiplication of 2-digit number by 2-digit number using lattice method.
  • [Homework]
  • Solve the following sums using Lattice method, Area model or Partial product (anyone):
  • a) 87 x 65
  • b) 22 x 44
  • c) 51 x 32
  • Link for your reference (Lattice method) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3T_NhFlpB0

Note- Learn multiplication tables in order to calculate quickly.


Surbhi Talwar


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