Highlights of the week (2nd – 5th January,2018)

Highlights of the week (2nd – 5th January,2018)

Unit Of Inquiry:

  • The unit of inquiry  ‘How we organize ourselves’ commenced. The main focus of the unit is to understand that products go through a process before they are consumed or used. Students are  learning about origin of the product,changes products go through and distribution of the products.
  • Students were tuned in to the unit by matching the raw materials to the finished products.
  • Students visited school ground to understand the process of plantation.


  • Students enhanced their listening, reading and speaking skills by enacting the story ‘A little mouse’.
  • Read aloud was conducted in the class.
  • Students enhanced their listening and comprehension skills by listening to the audio of the story ‘The monkey and the crocodile’.
  • Dictation was given.

Dictation words for 12th January, 2018.



  • Subtraction sums and word problems involving single digit was done.
  • Students appeared for FA .



Task 1) Read chapter – 14 Shopping at the food mall pg-71 from Empowering English book and complete the exercise given .

Task 2)   Complete: (a) Q-1 Think and say given on pg- 72 (Think of words that rhyme with these words). (b) Q-2. Think and choose pg- 73 (Choose from the words in the box to fill the blanks). (c) Q-3. Think and write pg- 73 and 74 (Write the food items in the column to match their tastes in the given table).(d) Q-1. Read Wh- words pg- 75 ( Choose the right Wh- word and fill in the blanks).


Solve the given tasks in your Math notebook.

1) In a sports event, 346 boys and 297 girls participated. Find the total number of participants.

2)  Jaya and Maya collected total 9 shells from the beach. If Maya collected 3, how many shells did Jaya collect?          

3) Arrange the following numbers in an ascending order.

   65, 231, 101, 56, 110.

4) Arrange the following numbers in a descending order.

    568, 221, 89, 77, 865.

5) Write forward counting from 880 to 890.

6) Write backward counting from 700 to 691.

7) Solve the sums.

  1.    a) 450 + 55    b) 450 + 288

8) “Solve the riddle” .

This number is an even number, where

–  2 is at tens place.

– 6 is at ones place.

 – 1 is at hundreds place.

Guess the number and also write its predecessor and successor.


Grade 1 Team.

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