Highlights of the week -2nd January to 5th January

Highlights of the week -2nd January to 5th January

Circle Time

Phonological Awareness – Learning engagements for ‘Rhyming words’.

Word of the week: principled

Morning message: We do what we say. We are responsible for what we do.

Structure Drill : What is your address?

                        My address is ____________.



Revision of all the Rhymes

Introduction of rhyme:



Patang meri rang birangi.

Sar-sar-sar-sar udti jaati

Far-far-far-far woh lahrati.

Hawa ke sung naachti-gaati

Kat kar door ser ko jaati.



Read aloud: Jr. KG monthly read aloud list.

Revision: letter sounds and blending

Learning Centres- letter ‘j’ & ‘z’

Introduction: letter ‘w’ through Jolly Phonics story

My ‘w’ book

Revision of tricky words – live, give

Introduction of tricky word- little



Revision of concepts through learning centers (Seriation, Quantification)

‘Show and Tell’ activity- Cuboid shaped objects



TDT: How we express ourselves.

Central Idea: Stories are told in a variety of ways for different purposes.

Summative Assessment


Co Curricular Activities

“The hands are  unique and  beautiful part of the human body, and they bring us important and far-reaching experiences.Therefore as teachers we have tried to help the children become aware of their hands and the great gift they bestow on themselves and others.”


We have included a few  activities in our curriculum which will help the children not only develop their fine motor skills but also develop confidence, concentration, thinking. We are conducting activities like cutting fruits, sweeping  dried leaves, mopping, kneading  dough and peeling  peas. We will keep adding new activities.



Language:  Tricky words booklet page no. 15

Math: Math booklet – Page no. 10 & 16


Happy Weekend!!


Jr.KG Team.


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