‘Grade 4, Resilience: Homework – 9th Jan. 2018’

‘Grade 4, Resilience: Homework – 9th Jan. 2018’

Day 3, Tuesday.

Stars of the day: Vian (For bring focused and committed to his unit’s Summative assessment preparation)

Rehan (For being respectful and following instructions during the meal break)


Students will practice the following sums in their math notebook:

1.) Students have to simplify the given fractions and write whether they are equivalent or not:
a) 4/12 and 3/9
b) 24/36 and 18/27
c) 42/88 and 36/74
d) 35/65 and 40/52

2.) Find the 3 equivalent fractions of the following:

a) 5/6

b) 8/12

c) 7/14

d) 3/5

3.) Practice fractions from the link: https://www.mathplayground.com/Triplets/index.html


Poonam Sharma Yerunkar.


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