Highlights and homework – Day 3 – January 9th

Highlights and homework – Day 3 – January 9th

UOI: Learners worked on their summative assessment task of creating the advertisement.

Math: Learners reinforced the understanding of equivalent fraction and simplification of the fraction using Jodo blocks and a worksheet.


UOI: Practice your roles and lines.

Math: Complete the worksheet started in the class. Use the videos emailed for clarification if needed.

Language: Read the chapter 6 from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang till page number 64, 8th line. Write down the meaning of the new words in your vocabulary notepad. If you have others words than the one mentioned below, you can add them too. If you knew the meaning of the word already, then you may not copy the word.

  1. wits
  2. hulls
  3. diminishing
  4. gradually
  5. whizzing
  6. propelling
  7. dodging
  8. sternly
  9. colossal
  10. chuckled
  11. astonish
  12. periscope
  13. shingle
  14. choppy
  15. churned
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