Highlights and homework of the day – Day 3

Highlights and homework of the day – Day 3


  • Read aloud was done.
  • LD- Week 16 Day 3


  • Summative assessment task 1 was conducted.


  • Math: Solve the following word problems:
    1. a) There are 32 boxes of eraser in the supply closet. Each box contains 24 erasers. How many erasers are there in all?
    2. b) There are 14 rows in the classroom. Each row has 6 seats. How many seats are there in all?
    3. c) Pooja bought 47 packages of cookies for her party. Each package had 8 cookies. How many cookies did Pooja buy?
    4. d) There are 9 piles of T-shirts in Maheshwari store. Each pile has 27 T-shirts. How many T-shirts are there in all?
  • Challenge (optional)
    1. PVR cinema has 4 screens to show movies. Each screen has 350 chairs. How many people can watch movies at the same time?
    2. There are 52 boxes of A4 color paper sheets in our school store. In each box, there are 300 sheets. How many total color sheets do we have in our store?

    Solve the following sums:

    1. a) 54 x 87 b) 14 x 39


Shruti 🙂


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