Highlights of 8th Jan – 12th Jan

Highlights of 8th Jan – 12th Jan

Circle Time :

Introduction to the rhymes:


  • I’m a little piggy
  • Moo moo brown cow
  • Winter winds


Lyrics of the Rhymes:


(Tune: “I’m a Little Teapot”)

I’m a little piggy

With a round big nose.

I’m all pink

From my head to my toes.

Here’s my piggy tail,

As you can see,

It’s pink and curly

As it can be

                By Anonymous



Moo Moo brown Cow, have you milk for me?

Yes Sir, yes Sir, as white as can be!

Churn it into butter or make it into cheese,

Freeze it into ice-cream or drink it if you please!

Cluck, cluck red Hen, have you any eggs?

Yes Sir, yes Sir, as many as your legs.

One for breakfast and one for lunch,

Come back tomorrow and I’ll have another bunch!

                                 By Anonymous


Icy fingers, icy toes,

Bright red cheeks and bright red nose.

Watch the wind as it blow

Try so hard not to feel it cold.

                            By Anonymous

Read aloud of the following books:

  1. Vegetable Soup by Ann Morris
  2. Tiptoe To Kindergarten by Jacqueline Rogers
  3. Who Builds? By Michael Rex
  4. An Amazing Snowman by Barbara Jean Hicks
  5. Jack And Lily Go To The Farm by Moira Butterfield
  6. Zoo Babies by NA
  7. Whose Ears Are These? By Peg Hall


Central idea: Animals and people interact in different ways in different contexts.

  • Tuning in activity
  • Introduction of farm animals
  • Field trip : KG farm


Central idea: We play to explore and have fun.

  • Potato peeling and mashing activity
  • Exploring colours through painting tools.
  • Art and craft: Kite making


  • Word of the week: Farm animals
  • Pre writing strokes : Sleeping line
  • Simple sentence through TPR (Total Physical Response).


  • Quantification and association of numbers 11 to 15 through manipulatives.
  • Sorting through shapes and colours.
  • Revision of numbers 1 to 9.

Homework :


  • Language worksheet: Draw the standing lines to connect the flowers.




  • Kindly share your child’s reflection through daily diary, so we can display it on the action board.



Nursery Team


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