‘Grade 4, Resilience: Highlights and homework – 18th Jan. 2018’

‘Grade 4, Resilience: Highlights and homework – 18th Jan. 2018’

Dear Parents,

Day 4, Thursday.

Star of the day: Shravya and Vian(For being focused and great participant during the class discussion)


Maths: Students learnt about comparing the fractions .

Language: Students learnt about the conventions of dialogue writing by referring the story online.

Conventions of dialogue writing:

1.Quotation marks ” ” are put around the sentences where character is speaking.

  1. Ending punctuation is put inside the quotation mark at the end.
  2. If the sentence begins before the quotation, a comma is used before the quotation. (Eg. The child requested, “_”)
  3. The first letter inside the quotation marks is capitalized if the character speaking is beginning a new sentence.

Note: Notice the tense and capitalization.


Language: Complete the worksheet given in class on dialogue conventions.

UOI: Students have to sit with their parents and discuss the beliefs attached to their day to day practices/routine. They’ll jot them down on a piece of paper and also try to bring pictures (if possible) depicting their belief.

E.g: I believe that walking under a ladder brings bad luck, or I believe that there is life after death.


Note: Please bring one complete newspaper, I-card and your library books without fail.


Poonam Sharma Yerunkar

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