Highlights and Homework – 18/01/2017

Highlights and Homework – 18/01/2017

Dear Parents,


  1. Students practiced comparing fractions through visuals. Later, they learned to compare fractions using LCM and practiced few sums in their notebook.
  2. Students applied their understanding of comparing fractions and learned to order fractions in ascending and descending order.



Students have to solve the following in their Math notebook (They can refer the sums solved in the class):

a) Compare the following fractions and put the correct sign (>,< or =)

  • 4/6    ___   2/3
  • 9/10  ___   4/10
  • 2/6   ___   4/12
  • 1/4   ___   4/8

b) Order the following fractions in Ascending and Descending order:

  • 2/3,  5/6,  7/9


Students have to find the meaning of the following words and write them in their ‘Glossary Book’:

  • shingle
  • rumbling
  • screeching
  • chisels
  • gulp
  • scornful
  • agog
  • embedded

Unit Of Inquiry:

Students have to sit with their parents and discuss the beliefs attached to their day to day practices/routine. They’ll jot them down on a piece of paper and also try to bring pictures (if possible) depicting their belief.

Note: Students can submit the UOI homework on Monday so that they get enough time to discuss and find pictures 🙂

Pinky Shah


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