Highlights of the day – 18/01/2018

Highlights of the day – 18/01/2018

Language : 

  • Students revised the concept of using time words and phrases to sequence the stories and formed a new story.


  • Solve the following word problems:

a) 23 letters are posted in a letter box. How many letters are posted in 31 letter boxes?

b) Riddhima and her mother is preparing 21 cups of hot chocolate for her birthday party. They are putting 12 marshmallows in each cup. How many marshmallows do they need?

c) We ordered 21 pizzas. Each pizza had 8 slices. How many slices of pizza were there altogether?

d) At a wild life sanctuary, I saw 35 elephants and 48 tigers. How many legs did I see? (Challenge)

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