Recap of the day – 18th January, 2018

Recap of the day – 18th January, 2018

Day 4, Thursday

Math: Students practiced the multiplication of 2-digit number by 2-digit number (with regrouping) using traditional method.



Q 1) Solve the following word problems:

a)   A cafeteria has 19 tables. Each table has 13 seats. How many people can sit in the cafeteria at the same time?
b)  There are 52 marbles in one box. How many marbles are there in 36 boxes?

Q 2) Solve the following multiplication sums:
a) 54 x 87            b) 14 x 39      c) 87 x 52        d) 159 x 25       e) 801 x 12

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