Highlights and homework of 15th to 19th Jan 2018

Highlights and homework of 15th to 19th Jan 2018

Circle Time:

Practice of rhymes for Y-box.

Read aloud:

Read alouds from Sr. KG monthly read aloud list.


  • Introduction of the concept “half past”
  • Revision of all mathematical concepts taught till date through centers and workbook.
  • Formative assessment of numbers Forward(1-99) and backward (99-1) was taken.


  • Revision of digraphs “ai, oa, ie, ee, or, ng” was done.
  • Revision of tricky words with sentence writing in notebook.


(Rotation and Revolution)

TDT : How the world works

Central Idea : The Earth’s natural cycles influence the activity of living things.

  • Students were given exposure to the world map.
  • Self reflection of the unit was taken.



Language: Write the following ‘ th’ words (2 times) in the notebook:

Th” words – (then, than, them, this, that, with, smooth, they)

Math: Firefly number book pg no-. 36, 38, 43


Important points  for night out :

Kindly find the list of items students need to bring:


  • Toilet accessories.
  • One pair of clothes, one nightwear & footwear
  • Thick and Warm blanket and bed sheet (Mattress and pillow will be provided from the school)
  • Sweater/ Jacket/ Inner-wear (thermal, warm clothes/socks ). All students should wear at least 4 layers of clothes (thermals, half sleeves t-shirt, full sleeves t-shirt and jacket/ sweater), should wear 2 pairs of socks (1 cotton and 1 woolen) and a pair of gloves.
  • Bottoms: Thermals followed by 2 layers of pants
  • Woolen caps/ monkey caps/ scarves
  • 2 layers of covers (Bedsheet and Blanket)
  • Mosquito repellent



Have a fantastic weekend !



Sr. KG  Team.


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