Today’s H.W

Today’s H.W

 Q. 1 Solve the word problems given below in Math notebook.

a) Samaira  had 17 dolls.  She gave 4 dolls to her sister. How many dolls does she have now?

b) Ram’s mother baked 37 cookies for party. There were 3 cookies left. How many cookies were eaten at the party?

c) 65 students are going for a field trip. The first bus can only take 23 of them. How many students need to wait for the second bus?

d) Ram  picked 16 oranges from the garden. Sam picked 10 oranges from the garden. How many more oranges  did Ram pick than Sam?

e) Aarav donated 11  books and Raju donated 8 books  to the library.  How many more books did Aarav donate than Raju?

Q. 2  Draw the clock for the time given below..

a) Quarter past 1     b)  Half past 12    c) Quarter to 7  



Grade1 Team.


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