2nd Literary Event – Grade 2

2nd Literary Event – Grade 2

Dear parents,

We are organising the Second Inter house Literary event ‘Just a minute’ for the year 2017-18. The objective of this literary event is to help students learn to speak spontaneously i.e think on the spot and express their thoughts and ideas in English. It channelizes the thought process and strengthens students speaking skills. It also encourages students to strive for excellence in communication skills and other educational pursuits.

The students will be marked on the following criteria:
Word choice, fluency, pronunciation, confidence, language accuracy (grammatically correct sentences)

There will be 1 round for the event.  Topics will be given to the students on the spot. The 3 best  performers for each section will be selected,

i.e from each section i.e. 3X8= 24 students

Event date: 2nd February 2018


Grade 2 team

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