Compulsory Bearer Card- Procedure

Compulsory Bearer Card- Procedure

Dear Parent,

Kindly read this new and important guideline that you need to keep in mind on your visit to Fountainhead School, which will be in effect from 1st February, 2018.

  1. Any school parent / family member like grandparents / driver, etc. visiting the school for any purpose needs to carry the bearer card and present it at the main entry gate.
  2. To help parents ease into this system,  if any parent is not able to present a bearer card on their visit to school, they will be asked to wait until the security team verifies the identity as a Fountainhead Parent. This will be in place till March end.
  3. Post March, parents will not be allowed to enter school premises without a bearer card.
  4. This change has been put in place with the intention of having a safe premises for our students.


  1. Should I carry the bearer card at all times when I visit the school?

Ans: Yes, it will be compulsory to carry the bearer card and present it, at the main entry gate for all events including whole grade events like class performance, exhibition, etc.

  1. Won’t this create a traffic jam outside the school gate?

Ans: Parents should follow the guidelines mentioned below to make this process smooth and efficient:

  1. Have the bearer card ready to be presented with windows rolled down before reaching the school gate. Don’t stop at the school gate and start looking for the bearer card at that time.
  2. Don’t honk while waiting for the car in front of you to pass.
  3. Flash the card to the security personnel and present it for checking.
  4. Please cooperate with security staff. Rude and uncivil behaviour towards people who are trying to do their job is not appreciated.

Finally, plan to reach the school a little early for any event since some extra time will be spent in this new process. School events will start as scheduled so if you are late, then you will be at a loss.

We have provided a short video for the do’s and don’ts of this new process. Kindly click on the following link to understand this procedure. 

Link: Bearer Card Procedure


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