Highlights and Homework for 30th January 2018

Highlights and Homework for 30th January 2018

[Highlight Of The Day]

Language: Students took up the formative assessment of Dialogues and Transition words.

UOI: Students were introduced to ‘Rituals’ and ‘Traditions’ through the read-aloud of the book ‘The keeping quilt’ by Patricia Polacco. Later, they reflected on their understanding through ‘Looks like – Sounds – Feels like ’.


Language: Home weekend task for week 14.

UOI: Create a headline i.e. ‘newspaper-type headlines’ as a vehicle for summing up and capturing the essence of today’s discussion, idea, concept, topic, etc.

The headline asks one core question:

1. If you were to write a headline for this topic or issue right now that captured the most important aspect that should be remembered, what would that headline be?

Wishing you a beautiful day 🙂

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