Homework for 30th Jan_G5,Synergy

Homework for 30th Jan_G5,Synergy

Math: See the link below to revise percentage and solve the word problem in Math NB.


  1. students in your class have Dell Chromebooks. What percentage of students have Dell Chromebooks?
  2. Yesterday I bought a shirt at only 60% of the original price. What percentage discount did I get?
  3. The price of a computer game is Rs.600. I got a 10% discount. How much did I have to pay?

Language: Complete the Character Trait of  Botticelli in a paragraph in the link shared by me through your personal mail.All future Reader Hw will be done in that doc which is shared with you today.


Q1)Write the meaning of the following terms in your UOI NB  and explain its relation to Indus Valley Civilisation:-






Q2)Write the four levels of social structure which was present in Indus Valley Civilization


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