Highlights and Homework of 1-2-2018 ( Day-1)

Highlights and Homework of 1-2-2018 ( Day-1)

Star of the day- Mosam Patel ­čÖé

[Highlight Of The Day]


Students practised Fractions and clarified their doubts.


Students comprehended and completed chapter 8- A nest of crooks and gangsters of ┬áthe reader ” Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”


[Unit Of Inquiry]

Write and explain any one ritual and tradition of your culture ( family) and also explain the reason or importance behind following that  ritual and tradition. You may stick a picture or draw in your scrap book.

Note- Parents please support students with their Homework and help them to understand your culture.

With Regards,

Dimple Deshpande

Have A Great Day!

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