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Eggless Chocolate Cake II

Look at the cake recipe and answer the following questions:

  •  Looking at the recipe identify a mixed fraction given:
  • What does the mix fraction mean explain in a sentence.
  • Look at the image carefully. How many people can this recipe serve?
    •  If we have to use the same recipe to serve 48 people:
  • How much “sifted all purpose flour” is required?
  • How much salt is required?

Arrange the following fractions in ascending order:

a) 1/4 , 2/8 , 4/16 , 20/80

b) 2/12 , 3/9 , 10/70 , 3/4

c) 1/12, 4/7 , 2/4 , 12/12

Stars of the day: Prisha Mehta (writing an exceptional narrative piece) and Zoyaan Jariwala ( for showing progress and great efforts in math in addition to writing an exceptional narrative piece in language)


Quotes  Poems of the day:

Poem by Twishi Ruchandani:

Poem by Kavya Shah:




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