Homework of 1st February, 2018

Homework of 1st February, 2018



  • Write summary of chapters 20 and  21 in the Google Doc shared with you.

Math: Solve the following in your Math notebook:

  1. I watched ⅗ of a movie. What percentage of the movie did I see?
  2. The price of the new Playstation is Rs. 15,000. Jeet got a 20% discount. How much did Jeet pay for the Playstation?
  3. Manish sells 100 pizzas per day. 25% of the pizzas sold by Manish do not have a cheese topping. How many pizzas with cheese topping does Manish sell in 2 days?
  4. Increase 300 litre by 12%
  5. Increase of 15% on 500
  6. Decrease of 25% on 125

Congratulations 🙂

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