HW for 1st Feb, 2018

HW for 1st Feb, 2018


Complete the following worksheet in your graph NB/Math NB:

Homework for 1st Feb


Complete final publishing of the persuasive letter done in the class today.


2. Learn the spellings and write the meanings for the same of the following words for Dictation in your language NB. Dictation will be taken on Day 3, 5th February.

1  flabbergast
2  anatomy
3  quench
4  magnitude
5  obnoxious
6  devastation
7  diagnosis
8  contagious
9  monotonous
10  leisure

NOTE: Tomorrow in the Library slot you need to issue a book for February book review. Hence make sure you get the books to be returned as well as your id card to school tomorrow.


Have a great day!! 🙂


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