Highlights and homework – Day 2 – February 2nd

Highlights and homework – Day 2 – February 2nd

Math: Learners were introduced to word problems of addition and subtraction of like fractions.


Language: Goals catered-

1-Discuss personality and behaviour of storybook characters, commenting on reasons why they might react in particular ways.

2-Use appropriate writing conventions

3- Use accurate grammar

Halvar, a Kind Giant.

Read this folktale from Sweden and answer the following questions.

Once there was a giant called Halvar. He lived in a huge stone house in the hills. Halvar was very poor because he gave most of what he had to help others. This made him happy.

One day, Halvar was sitting outside his house when a man came by leading a cow. The man’s clothes were ragged. The cow was so skinny that Halvar could see his ribs sticking out.

“ Hello” the man called out  to Halvar, “ Can you tell me if this road leads to the market?”

“ Yes, it does.”,  said Halver. “ Are you hoping to sell your cow?”

“Yes,” said the man, “although I‘m not too hopeful. You can see how thin she is. But I have no choice. My farm is not doing well and I need to eat”.

Halvar felt sorry for the man, “ I would like to help you, “ he said. “ Go home and put your cow back in the barn, in the morning, you will find seven goats in her place.”

The man could hardly believe his ears. But he had heard of Halvar’s kindness and decided to take a chance. He walked back home and put the cow in the barn.

The next morning, the man opened the barn door to find seven goats instead of the cow. From that time on, life got much better for the man. The goats gave him more milk than he could ever drink. He used some of the milk to make cheese and sold it for good price at the market. Soon, the man became very rich and forgot all about Halvar. Then, one day, He passed by Halver’s house again. This time he was riding a beautiful horse.

“ Hello,” Halver called out.” Come and chat with me for a while.”

“I haven’t got time”, said the man. “ Don’t you know that I am an important man in the village now?”

Sadly, Halvar watched the man ride away. But then he remembered how much he enjoyed giving things away and making people happy. He kept on being kind to others, no matter how they treated him.

Today, Halvar’s house still stands in the hills of Sweden. It is a place where children love to play.

The passage is adapted from-  Step up comprehension skills.

A- Understanding the texts.

1- Who are the main characters in the story?

2- What is the setting?

3- Why was Halvar poor?

B-Exploring the characters.

1- What according to you Halver value the most?

2- What do you think is the moral of the story?

C- Looking at language.

1- List down 3 dialogues from the story.

2- Find out transition words from the passage.

D- Taking it further.

1- What would you do if you were at the man’s place?

2- Complete the table to show the differences in the man’s action between his first and second meeting with Halvar.

At first meeting At second meeting
Stopped to chat with Halvar
Led a cow


  1. Solve in Math book –

    a) Radha has 3 red pens, 3 black pens and 6 blue pens. Write the fraction of red pen Radha has.

    b) Priya ate 19of the cake, while Siya ate59of the cake and Manish ate29of the cake.In total, what is the fraction of the cake all three ate all together?

    c) Mona read57of the magazine in morning,while at night she read27. What fraction of the magazine is left to read by her?

  2. Solve mix bag – Mixed Bag – Cycle 25
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