Highlights of the week 29th Jan-2nd Feb

Highlights of the week 29th Jan-2nd Feb

Circle Time:

PA- Introduction of syllables by counting/clapping/jumping/tapping

Word of the week: Needs

Drill: What do we need to grow? We need air, water and food to grow.


Revision of all the Rhymes

Introduction of new rhyme-

“Ek Chhota Beej:

Ek chota beej zameen ke andar tha.

Ankh bandh karke woh soya rehta tha.

Tupur tupur baarish beej pe girti thi.

Sarakte sarakte sarakte woh sadak pe chala gaya.

Ek samay aaya suraj ne prakash daala.

Prakash ki kirne boli ab bahut so liya.

Beej ne lee angadayee, phir wo uth gaya.

Idhar udhar dekh kar woh naachne laga.

Aaj ye paudha vruksh mein gaya badal.

Aas paas gaanvo mein woh chaanv dene laga.

Haan,haan, chaanv dene laga.”



Read aloud: Jr. KG monthly read aloud list.

Revision: letter sounds and blending.

Introduction of new letter- ‘x’ through a story.
Jolly phonics song for letter ‘x’ and starfall.com
Circling and tracing of letter ‘x’

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDYD3YWH6Sk

Introduction of new tricky word- ‘when’.
Revision of tricky words – live, give, little, what, down
Blending of words- box, fox, six, next.


Revision of all the concepts through activities and learning centers (greater than-lesser than, tens and ones, backward counting, before and after numbers)

Introduction of ‘18’ through a story, circling and tracing, fireflies book and tens and ones game.


Transdisciplinary theme: Sharing the planet.

Central Idea: Plants sustain life on Earth and play a role in our lives.

Discussion on needs of plants, students had grown a plant in a small as well as big pot.

Formative assessment of needs of plants was taken.

Life skills- Read aloud- ‘Some parts are not for sharing’.

Through this read aloud life skills were discussed. Learners were given the knowledge about the private parts of the body with its scientific names.


Language: Reflection sheet of letter ‘x’.

Math:  Math booklet term 1 (Page no- 25 & 26)


Dear parents,

We have an open house on Saturday, 3rd February from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM. Parents need to book an appointment if they wish to meet the HRT.


Have a happy weekend! 🙂


Jr KG Team.

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