Highlights and Homework – 06/02/2018

Highlights and Homework – 06/02/2018

Dear Parents,


Students comprehended the story “The magic glasses” and filled up the Story Element Strip grid.


Students learned and solved fraction word problems based on unlike fractions.

Unit Of Inquiry:

Students presented their research work in the class.


Students have to solve the following in their Math notebook:

  • Amy ran 2/3 of the marathon while Nisha ran 4/5 of a marathon. Who ran farther and by what fraction?

  • Tia is preparing the soup. She fills 1/5 of the pot with water and 12/15 of the pot with mixed vegetables. What fraction of the pot is full? What fraction of the pot is still empty?

  • Alisha and Jiya bought pizzas together to share. Alisha ate 1/8 of the pizza. Jiya ate 3/6 of the pizza. What fraction of pizza did they eat altogether?

  • What fraction of the total is the goldfish if there are 5 goldfish and 8 painted fish?

  • Rajesh used 10 white balloons, 16 green balloons and 15 Orange balloons for the republic day party. What is the fractions white balloon? What is the fraction of green and orange balloon together?

  • Amanpreet took 2/7 of yellow  beads out of a box and Pratibha took out 1/3 of the red beads. What fraction of the beads were taken out from the box in total?

For extra practice:

  • Sumit drove the car for 10/13 hours and Joy drove the car for 10/19 hours. Who drove the car for the longer? Sumit or Joy and by what fraction?

Pinky Shah


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