Highlights and homework – 6th February 2018

Highlights and homework – 6th February 2018

Day 4 – Tuesday.

Math: Learners solved the worksheet related to the concept of multiplication.


The unit was taken further and learners were introduced to the definition of Natural resources. Later they understood how resources can be categorized as renewable and nonrenewable. They deepened their understanding by watching a video.


Math: Solve the following word problems:

a. Dylan the Dog prepared 241 hotdog sticks in a brown bag. His father placed 426 more hotdog sticks in the same brown bag. How many hotdog sticks did Dylan and his father place in the brown bag?

b. Helen’s mother brought 101 hotdogs. After a few hours, Dylan’s mother arrived with 379 hotdogs. How many hot dogs do they have altogether?

c. Pinky made 147 miniature pumpkin pies for everyone and Helen made 56. How many miniature pies do they have in all?

UOI: Watch the video and revise the concept of renewable and non – renewable resources.

Link: https://youtu.be/mOwyPENHhbc

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