Highlights and homework – Day 4 – February 6th

Highlights and homework – Day 4 – February 6th

UOI: Learners attempted formative assessment for the 1st and 2nd LOI – Significance of rituals and tradition’ and ‘How artefacts symbolize the beliefs and values. They listened to read aloud of the book ‘The Keep Quilt” by Patricia Polacco and made the connection to the LOIs.

Math: Learners practised addition and subtraction of like and unlike fractions.



  1. What fraction of the total is the goldfish if there are 5 goldfish and 8 painted fish?
  2. Rajesh used 10 white balloons, 16 green balloons and 15 Orange balloons for the republic day party. What is the fractions white balloon? What is the fraction of green and orange balloon together?
  3. Dan completed 2 / 5 of Tuesday’s crossword and 8 / 9 of Wednesday’s crossword. In total, what fraction of these crosswords did Dan finish?
  4. Alyssa has to read 2 books for school. Alyssa read 7 / 12 of the first book on Tuesday, and 1 / 2 of the second book on Monday. What total fraction of these two books has Alyssa read?
  5. Sara has 1 / 2 of last week’s allowance and 8 / 9 of this week’s allowance. How much allowance in total does Sara have left?
  6. Sumit drove the car for 10/13 hours and Joy drove the car for 10/19 hours. Who drove the car for the longest? Sumit or Joy and by what fraction?
  7. Amanpreet took 2/7 beads out of a box and Pratibha took out 1/3 of the beads. What fraction of the beads were taken out from the box in total?

Language: Complete transition word worksheet for day 4.


  1. Revisit ‘Energy unit’ learning for tomorrow’s Google hangout session with the school from Pakistan.
  2. Frame the questions you would like to ask related to our current unit.
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