Highlights and homework of the day – Day 4

Highlights and homework of the day – Day 4


  • Students revised the renewable and non-renewable resources with examples. They wrote few key points in their UOI notebook.


  • Students attempted challenging multiplication problems.


  • LD- Week 18 Day 4 was discussed.
    Homework: Solve the given word problems:

Vivaan has always been fond of studying rocks and minerals. He has a room full of books about and samples of the different types of rocks.
1. On a particular day, he went in the room to have a look at the mineral samples that he has arranged on the 7 different shelves in the room. If he has 65 samples of minerals on each shelf, how many mineral samples does he have?

2. He then decides to classify his rock collection into igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. If each classification has 236 samples each, how many rocks does he have in all?

3. Vivaan went through his books as well. If he has 56 books in each of his 9 bookshelves, how many books does he have in all?

4. If the books were bought from 29 different countries that Vivaan had been to and he purchased 67 books from each country, how many books does he have in all?

5. Vivaan had 8 precious stones in his collection, which he sold to his friend owning a jewelry store. If the stones were sold at Rs. 785 each, how much total money did Vivaan earn?


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