Homework – 6th February 2018

Homework – 6th February 2018



Solve the following in the math notebook:

  1. Nisha gives 1/3 pan of the brownies to Suman and 1/6 of the brownies to Pratik. What fraction of brownies did she give away?
  2. Martha made two types of cookies. She used 2/3 cup of sugar for one recipe and 1/4 cup of sugar for the other. What fraction of sugar did she use in all?
  3. Prisha walks 7/8 km to school. Heena walks 1/2 km to school. who walks more and by what fraction?
  4. Tarun wants to complete 8/11 of the crossword today. He had already done 1/9 of the crossword. What fraction of the crossword is yet to be finished?



Manjeetkaur Khalsa


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