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Day: February 6, 2018

Highlights of the day 06-02-18

Highlights of the day 06-02-18

Day 4


Revision of previous session was done. Later, a group task to reflect their understanding on Renewable and Non-renewable resources was performed by students. Students acquired in-depth knowledge about what might happen to the amount of resources if they are overused? What choices do people make to conserve natural resources?What is Sustainability ?

They watched the mentioned link

Formative Assessment was conducted.


Learners solved a worksheet based on Multiplication.



Watch the link and write your understanding in your UOI notebook. ( as discussed in class)

Also write the answer to the mentioned question.

What steps should people take to help the sustainability of natural resources?

Keep Revising 🙂


Recap of the Day 4 – 06/02/18

Recap of the Day 4 – 06/02/18


Formative Assessment was conducted.


Chapter 12 – Land Of Do As You Please from the reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ was read using Popcorn Strategy followed by a discussion on what would have happened if the children could not have wished away the first wish? The teacher then took the reflection of students by asking ‘Is there anything they really want to do forever?’


Complete the given worksheet.



Dear parents,



Read the the given story and fill the following grid in your notebook:

The Magic Glasses

Violet had always worn glasses, for as long as she could remember. Being ten years old, it was possible she’d been wearing them for ten years. Maybe she was born with glasses!

Violet couldn’t see things that were far away from her, but she also had trouble reading. Her eyesight was very poor. Sometimes, while she was doing her homework in study hall, her glasses would slide down to the tip of her nose. Once, they even fell off her face and landed on the floor.

“Violet, what’s going on?” her teacher, Mrs. Shellsworth, asked when she saw Violet crawling on the floor once with her hands stretched out. “I can’t find my glasses,” replied Violet, shyly. The rest of the students looked up from their books and started to laugh.

When Violet found the brown specs behind her desk, she quickly put them back onto her face. But they wouldn’t stay on; they were broken.

Not wanting to draw any more attention to herself, Violet held her glasses onto her face with her index finger and pretended to read.

That night, she told her mother what had happened.

“We’re going to have to get you new glasses,” she said, sternly. Violet’s mother was a doctor, and she worked long hours. When she came home, she was often too tired to do much of anything other than watch television with Violet. Her father didn’t live with her. He’d moved out of the house when Violet was just a little girl. She visited her father on weekends, though. He lived in a nearby town and always took her to baseball games in the summer.

But it wasn’t summer yet. Violet still had three months left of school, and that meant three more months of being made fun of because of her silly loose glasses. Violet hated her glasses.

The day after her glasses had fallen to the floor, Violet’s mother took her to the eye doctor. They did all sorts of tests to see whether she needed a new prescription. After the tests, which showed that her eyes had gotten worse since the last time she’d been there, it was time to pick out new glasses frames.

Violet looked at the shiny glass case that was almost as tall as she was. There were boring brown frames and simple black frames. But there were also some pink and blue frames, and even some sparkly yellow frames.

“Mom, can I get those?” Violet said, pointing to the sparkly yellow frames. “No, you cannot. Those glasses are not appropriate for school,” said her mother tersely. “But…” said Violet. “No ‘buts.’ You will get these frames right here,” said her mother, pointing to some round gray glasses that Violet hadn’t even noticed. Violet was sad, but there was no use arguing with her mother. She was stuck with the gray frames. Still, Violet wasn’t about to put them on right away. She decided to pout, instead, all the way home.

The next day was a Saturday. It was raining hard, and Violet wouldn’t have gone outside if her father weren’t coming to take her to the movies. “You all ready, Bug?” her dad asked, when he came to pick her up. He always called her Bug. “Where are your glasses?” he asked, when he saw her squinting up at him.

“I got new ones,” said Violet. Worried that her father wouldn’t like them, she’d put them in her backpack and was going to wear them in the dark theater where she knew no one could see them. “Well, where are they?” he said.

Violet, not wanting to cause a scene, reached into her bag and put the round gray frames onto her face. She didn’t like them and was hoping maybe she could convince her dad to buy her new ones.

On the way to the movie theater, she noticed something very strange while peering through her new glasses. Way in the distance, a small bird was smiling at her. Flapping its wings and smiling.

That can’t be right, she thought. Then she looked around and noticed that other birds were making faces as well. A pigeon in a tree almost a mile away looked as if it had smelled something strange; its beak was twisted to the side as if in disgust. Then, on the sidewalk near a park they were approaching, she could see a squirrel sneeze, rub its nose, then move its lips as if to say, “Excuse me!”

Immediately, she pulled the glasses off of her face, in shock. “What’s wrong?” asked her father.

But Violet didn’t want to say what she had seen. Were animals supposed to be so animated? Were these magical glasses?

She didn’t know, but one thing was for sure: she’d never seen such things before in her life, and she wanted to see more.

Slowly, she put the glasses back on. They were almost at the movie theater, so she made sure to look at as many trees as possible in search of more squirrels, more birds, and more little creatures.

Pushing her face up against the car window to her right, she started to stare intently and noticed a man walking his dog. The man was walking slowly, playing with his cell phone while his white poodle was pulling hard on its leash. Violet started to focus on the poodle, and she could have sworn she saw the pet roll its eyes and shake its head.

“Hurry up!” she said loudly, as her car went by the man with the cell phone. “Your dog is getting bored!”

“Excuse me?” said her father. “Who are you yelling at?”

“Oh, nothing,” said Violet. Her new glasses were her little secret, for now. And she couldn’t wait to explore the world through a new set of eyes!!articleTab:content/


Story Elements The Magic Glasses
Beginning- Intro
Brilliant/new Vocabulary
Purpose: (Persuade/Inform/Entertain)


Stars of the month: 

Zoyaan Jariwala, Parishree Randeria,  Sumit Hirawat and Jal Gajjar.


Stars of the day: Prisha Mehta (has given extra efforts at home to become knowledgeable about different cultures and traditions)


[Unit Of Inquiry]

Independent inquiry: Continue your research back at home and add more point in your scrapbook.


Glimpse of UOI learning engagements. (Artefacts sharing and Skype collaboration)




Quote of the day: It’s never to late to do an “Act of kindness”

Image result for regret quotes




Homework for 6th February 2018

Homework for 6th February 2018

Stars of the day: Hemanshi Dayaramani (for being an exemplary researcher) and Mudit Sureka (For being a young mathematician)
[Unit Of Inquiry]

Culture capsule: Students will make and bury a cultural time capsule filled with materials that reflect the cultures and traditions found in their community today and they believe in.

For reference:


Solve the following in your Math notebook: (Slide 3)



Happy reading 🙂

Homework for 6th February , 2018

Homework for 6th February , 2018

[Highlight Of The Day]

Students explored different Maths learning centers.

Students enjoyed the traditional food day today and they were enthusiastic to share the details of dish brought by them.  Glimpses of same will be uploaded soon.



Complete the following word problems in your math notebook:

1. Decathlon sports store has a discount of 20% on all winter wear. What will be the sale price of a jacket which sells at a regular price of Rs 2480?

2. A shoe store sells items with a profit margin of 50%. If a pair of shoe costs the store Rs 500 what is the selling price of the shoe? 

3. The purchase price of an app on iPad is Rs 650. If the tax on the app is 10%, what is the total price of the app? 

4. Gold Gym, Surat sold 1500 memberships this year. This is 12% more compared to last year. How many memberships did they sell last year? 

5. The population of your village was 840 a few years ago. You recently heard that the population has grown by 5%. What is the current population of your village? 


  •  Complete the pending summaries in your online document by end of the day . Ensure you work on the suggestions/comments given in the online document.
Homework for 6th February

Homework for 6th February


UOI – 

  • Complete watching the China Terracotta warriors movie. The link is shared through the mail.
  • Read the articles and facts from Pg. 6 to 14 of the Dholavira reflection booklet shared with you through the mail. Also, after reading the articles, solve the tasks given after it – True or false, encircle the words in the article, etc.

Note – Tomorrow is our class photo session.

Keep reading!! 🙂