Highlights of the cycle 25

Highlights of the cycle 25

The cycle 25 started with evaluation of student’s learning. Language was the main focus during the entire cycle as it plays an important role while expressing one’s ideas and opinions.

Formative assessment for the persuasive writing was at focus in this cycle. The students wrote a persuasive letter for the topic they had chosen for their group research in UOI.

The students were given practice for the persuasive letter after formative assessment in order to polish their writing skills using appropriate vocabulary.

Public speaking:

Students were introduced to one more appropriate form of expression i.e. Public speaking. Famous speeches of leaders were shown to them so as to give them a fair idea about the criteria needed for public speaking.

Students were introduced to different learning centres where they explored different situations such as anchoring a show, make a commercial, fly high and action story. The idea behind the learning centres was to expose them to different situations where they can use public speaking to convey their ideas. As it is rightly said that adding fun to learning creates the best educational experience. 

The students were given practice of public speaking by giving a short speech on the topic “Why should I be a class leader?”. Students were taken to the rooms where they practiced in front of mirror so as to visualize themselves and build the confidence to speak.

Formative assessment:

Students collaborated in groups and express their ideas on their UOI research topic in the form of short speech. The students were assessed by their peers as well as teacher.

As a part of homework, students were asked to video record themselves for one-minute delivering a speech on “My teacher” and shared it with peers next day in the classroom.



As the unit is integrated with Math, students learned about data handling. This cycle focused on constant practice of creating different types of graphs. Homework was daily given to the students so as to hold a grip on data handling.

In this cycle, the students learned the concept of mean, median and mode which is an essential part of data handling.


By the end of the cycle, students developed writing and speaking skills which are vital in order to influence people by their opinion.

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