Homework for 8th February 2018

Homework for 8th February 2018

Star of the day: Shreyan Bhasin and Dheer Gandhi (For being an exemplary presenter)


Students have to solve the following word problems in their Math notebook:

  • Your class had a pizza party. 3/8 of one pizza was left over, and 4/6 of another pizza was left over. You put them both in a box. How much pizza do you have altogether?
  • Dishika made cookies. She used 1/2 of a cup of flour and 1/10 of a cup of sugar. What did she use more, flour or sugar and by what fraction?
  • Nitin completed 2 / 5 of Tuesday’s crossword and 8 / 9 of Wednesday’s crossword. In total, what fraction of these crosswords did he finish?
  • Ananya has to read 2 books for school. she read 7 / 12 of the first book on Tuesday, and 1 / 2 of the second book on Monday. What total fraction of these two books has she read?
  • Anaya has 1 / 2 of last week’s allowance and 8 / 9 of this week’s allowance. How much allowance in total does she have?


  1. LWE- Home weekend task: week 15
  2. Read the passage from the given and answer the questions in your Language writing notebook

Homework – The Magic of Mime

Reference: Readworks passages


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