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Day: February 8, 2018

Homework for the day- 8th February 2018

Homework for the day- 8th February 2018


  1. Complete the pending work.
  2. Solve the first three questions from the following worksheet in your Math notebook:-

3. Solve Q-1 from the following worksheet in your graph notebook and Q-3 and 4 in graph book:-


Highlights of the day 08-02-18

Highlights of the day 08-02-18

Day 6

UOI – Moving forward in their learning about Natural Resources, the students learnt what are Fossil Fuels ? How are Fossil Fuels formed ? Why are oil and natural gas called Fossil Fuels ? After the discussion, they watched the following video link for deeper understanding :

Math – Students solved multiplication word problems based on real life application (3-digit by 1-digit and 2 digit by 2-digit)

Language – Chapter 12 was read from the reader The Magic Faraway Tree followed by a discussion question which stories/ movies/ entertainment parks have toys that come alive? Students also watched the following link

Video watching –


UOI – Revise today’s session on Fossil Fuels.

Language – If the story were written in today’s times, what other toys would you add to the land? Write and illustrate.

Math – Revise tables from 2 to 12.

Happy Revising 🙂

Highlights and homework – Day 6 – February 8th

Highlights and homework – Day 6 – February 8th

UOI: Learners listened to the article – Unique New year tradition around the world – and made a connection to the 3rd LOI – Similarities and differences between people’s beliefs. Further, they noted their understanding as the formative assessment on the class display.

Writing: Learners observed teacher identifying the elements of the story for the chapter ‘The Selfish Gaint’ from Empowering English reference book. Next, they tried another story ‘The magic glasses’ together in the class. Later, in the group, they identified the elements of the story, ‘The 3 Princes’ and ‘The Singing Plant.’

Oral Language Fluency Programme: Learners assessed their peers about the usage of English language verbally.



  1. Prepare a questionnaire for Guest speaker session that is to be conducted on Monday.
  2. You need to create your culture capsule – Think back to the rituals, traditions and artefacts you are celebrating in your culture and beliefs and values behind the same. Think about what do you wish to carry forward now and create the culture capsule. You can show it either by creating a model, poster, poetry, descriptive writing, etc.
  3. Find out our school’s values – FRREWIL and make note of the same in UOI notebook.

Language Writing:

  1. Reread the story ‘The magic glasses’ and annotate as discussed in the class.(Underline – Stong verbs, Circle – Adjectives, Bracket – Dialogues, curvy lines – sensory details, curly brackets – transition words and rectangle – adverbs)
  2. Complete day 6 task of transition words worksheet.


Homework for Feb 8

Homework for Feb 8

Dear students

Homework for today :

  1. Practice for your UOI speech
  2. Solve this worksheet in math notebook                                                                   Link for the worksheet :


Dear parents,


Homework: (solve in math homework notebook)

1. Rajesh used 10 white balloons, 16 green balloons and 15 Orange balloons for the republic day party. What is the fractions white balloon? What is the fraction of green and orange balloon together?
2. Sumit drove the car for 10/24 hours and Joy drove the car for 10/24 hours. Who drove the car for the longer period of time? Sumit or Joy and by what fraction?
4. Amanpreet took 2/7 beads out of a box and Pratibha took out 1/3 of the beads. What fraction of the beads were taken out from the box in total?

Also solve the following given fractions:

Image result for fraction story

Star of the day: Twishi Ruchandani, Devina Jindal and Kavya Shah (Math classwork and UOI indenpendent research)

Quote of the day:

Image result for quote doing the right thing when no one is looking



Fatema Topiwala

Highlights and homework for 8th February .

Highlights and homework for 8th February .

[Highlight Of The Day]

Maths S.A was conducted. Students enjoyed being part of a fair today, and they had a good budget to spend and buy artifacts wisely.

UOI F.A was conducted.


1)Read chapter 26 & 27 from the reader.

2) Answer the following questions in the online language doc (where you have been doing summary till now ). You have to copy the questions as well.

Ch. 23 – Do you think to outlaw the soup and all the instruments involved in making it was a right decision? What was the state of mind of the King when he took this decision?

Ch. 24 – Mig’s father sold her for a handful of cigarettes, a red tablecloth and a hen. Also, the father left her and didn’t look back even once. How would you feel if you were in Mig’s place?

Ch. 25 – What was the vicious circle in this chapter? Do you think this was a right thing to do with a small girl?

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Go through the document shared with you and do as directed.

  • LWE
        Complete weekend homework task in LWE book.
Going to Dholavira to have fun,
being with friends and new things to learn.
Sleeping in cold and walking in Sun.
Excited already for twists and turn .
Excavation, pottery, and museum to explore,
will enjoy our school trip to the core.
                                                         By Puja(your HRT)
Highlights of the day 8th February,2018

Highlights of the day 8th February,2018

Thursday , Day 6


Students read and comprehended the story and thereafter filled up the Story Element Strip grid in the booklet.

Later, students revised the writing process and traits and it’s usage in narrative writing piece. Also the criteria for narrative writing piece (Summative Assessment goals) were discussed with the students.

FA on language development was taken up by students.


Articles on different traditions, rituals and culture around the world were read and students provided their understanding using the thinking tool “3-2-1 Bridge.”



Reflect your understanding on the topic assigned to you in a creative manner.

Have a splendid day ahead!