Recap of the Day 6 – 08/02/18

Recap of the Day 6 – 08/02/18


Formative Assessment was conducted.


  • Revision of Multiplication was done.
  • Summative Assessment was conducted.


Learn the dictation words.


Solve the following word problems.

a) A cafeteria has 19 tables. Each table has 13 seats. How many people can sit in the cafeteria at the same time?

b) There are 52 marbles in one box. How many marbles are there in 36 boxes?

c)  We ordered 21 pizzas. Each pizza had 8 slices. How many slices of pizza were there altogether?

d) A fruit seller has 124 rows of apples with 30 apples in each row. How many apples does he have?


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