Homework for the day- 12th February 2018

Homework for the day- 12th February 2018


Answer the following questions in your Language notebook:

  1. What was the philosophy behind the concept of Camp Green Lake for bad boys?
  2. What were the various dangers that the camp inmate would face at Camp Green Lake?
  3. What was the image that Stanley and his family had about the camp?
  4. Why was the curse put on the Yelnats family?
  5. What happened with Stanley’s great grandfather? Was he lucky or unlucky according to you?


Solve the following worksheet in your Math notebook:-



Select a portfolio piece for this unit so as to upload it on Seesaw. I will ask you to upload it tomorrow in school once it is approved by me.

Note:- We have our class photo session scheduled tomorrow. It is expected that you report to school in proper uniform as always.

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