Highlights of the day 13-02-18

Highlights of the day 13-02-18

Day 3


Introduction of the concept remainder was done through read aloud of the book – Divide and ride by Stuart J. Murphy.


Through a class discussion, students understood that there is unequal distribution of natural resources across the planet.



Making of Bar graph ( As explained in detail in class)

Task: Take a survey of 30 people (family members / neighbors / friends) on their favourite place to visit during weekends. You need to collect and record the data in the form of tally marks (frequency table). Later, represent the data in the form of a bar graph using the graph paper. Give the title and label the bar graph properly. Bar graph has to be accurate and neat.

Options to be given for the survey are as follows:

1. Mall
2. Cinema
3. Garden
4. Restaurant
5. Game zones


Make sentences using the mentioned words in your language notebook.

  1. Instead
  2. Besides
  3. Hence
  4. Therefore
  5. Unless

Happy Revising 🙂



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