Homework of 13th February, 2018

Homework of 13th February, 2018


Language: Answer the questions in the online doc created earlier:

Ch. 31 –  Why did Miggery Sow bellowed the song – “I ain’t the Princess Pea, But someday I will be.”?

Ch. 32 – Why were dreams called foolish? Give 2 such examples from the book. (one of Gregory and the other one of the rat)


  • Class photo is scheduled tomorrow (14th February) so please come in proper uniform (you have to bring your ID card along and no house t-shirts) .
  • Start working on the mega presentation for the book review due on 21st Feb . Attaching a link which you can explore for the same .  http://www.slidescarnival.com/
  • Carry the geometry box daily.


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