Details for IH Exhibition

Details for IH Exhibition

Dear Students,

As discussed in class today, we will be organizing an exhibition on the 27th of March on behalf of the Integrated Humanities Team. For the exhibition, we will be representing different biomes of the environment. The objective of this exhibition is to help improve your understanding of biomes and its relationship with human beings.

Here are some guidelines which we need to follow in order to execute the planned exhibition successfully:

  1. Where is your country or region in the world? 
  2. What is the climate like? Include the relevant data and a graph.
  3. What does the natural environment look like? What are the features of ecosystems in this area? What is the flora and fauna? How are they interdependent? Include diagrams and/or images.
  4. Provide two examples of human impact on the area, for example, mining, farming, tourism, climate change.
  5. Write a reflection on some of the opportunities and threats facing the natural environment in this area.

These guiding questions shall be the basis of our chosen biome (which in our case is Savannah Grasslands). Based on the groups which you have been divided into, you have to select any one of these guiding questions and work upon it.

The final reflection which you will be writing will be taken as your summative assessment. So let us give it our best efforts and come out with the best biome anybody has ever seen.

Please write to me in case of any query.


Abizer Shaikhmahmud

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