Homework – 15th February

Homework – 15th February

~ Bring photos of important events and people in your life that have helped you become who you are.

Guiding points: full name, birth date, place you belong to or have lived at (write all if you have lived at several places), family tree, relationships/friendships, experiences (mistakes, tragic/sad moments, joys, lessons learnt), most cherished memories as a family, add your family culture/traditions/rituals/beliefs/values, likes and dislikes, talk about role models or person you aspire to become like, your aspirations etc.

Also think of the captions and format of it as discussed in the class.

It is compulsory to bring photos, don’t forget it.

~ Complete the mixed bag homework posted on the blog.

~ Read chapter 3 to 6 from the book ‘Holes

~ Complete the Math homework (Draw graph in the graph book with pencil)


~ Get UOI S.A. signed by your parents on Monday.

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