Mixed Bag Homework- 15th February, 2018

Mixed Bag Homework- 15th February, 2018

Dear Students,

I am sharing the mixed bag homework again as many students were not able to access the previous link.

Mixed Bag: 


A). Convert the following fractions to percentage

  1.  50/60
  2.  5/20

B)  Convert the following decimal to percentage:

  1. 0.8
  2. 0.53

C)  Solve the following:

  1. 7.34 x 6.02
  2. 3.92 x 8.15
  1.  6.66 ➗ 1.1
  2.  0.909 ➗ 3

D)  Raju ordered chinese food from China Palace. They charged 6% of the bill amounts as delivery charges. If the bill was for Rs 500, how much did he pay in total for the food?

 E)  Mahesh ordered a pair of sports shoes costing Rs 3000 from Amazon. They gave him an early bird discount of 12%. How much did he pay for his shoes?

F)  Rohan has a cake that weighs 3.76 kilogram. He shares equal quantity of cake with his friends. If each friend gets 0.47 kilogram of cakes, how many friends did Rohan give the cake to?


Indus Valley Civilization – Poem by Anandita Bhalerao

Autobiography of Anandita Bhalerao                  

Hey everyone! I am 13 years old. I just love writing poems. I have been writing poems and short stories since a long time and now I am addicted to it. I also love sports and I’m on my school basketball team. I am also a good singer. 4 of my poems have been published till now. My dream is to be a successful writer and publish my own poetry books.

Audio Link of the poem: https://www.poemhunter.com/poem/indus-valley-civilization/

Indus Valley Civilization I wish you were here,  

I wish I could have been alive at that time,                            

To see the river Indus still without a stir.

Belonging to the Chalcolithic Age,

You left no traces of iron behind,

Learning about you is a lot of fun,

And there are few of your kind.

I salute to the highly civilized people,

who lived there back then,

It is great how you had equal rights for

men and women.

Your cities were very well planned,

How you got such amazing skill I wish

to understand.

Public Buildings and Dwelling Houses were your buildings of two types,

Your drainage system was beyond words with properly fitted pipes.

Your society consisted of merchants, traders, and rulers,

Artisans, farmers, manual labourers and of course, the schoolers.

Your staple food was wheat,

But there was also barley, milk, fish, vegetables, mustard, and meat.

Your people wore woollen garments and cotton,

Shell, bone and copper jewellery were all the poor had gotten.

The main occupation of your people was domestication of animals, agriculture & art and craft,

They were also good at making boats, especially a raft.

The Mesopotamians were one of their traders,

Because of the river Indus, there were very few invaders.

More than 2,000 seals have been found in your various sites,

Your people were talented to great heights.

They worshipped The Mother Goddess,

In religion too, you were no less.

Well time goes by and you came to an abrupt end,

Why couldn’t you have stayed longer my friend!


Answer the following questions:

Q.1. Find the meaning of the word ‘civilized’ and frame a sentence with it.

Q.2. What is the context/purpose of creating this poem?

Q.3. Explain the meaning of the lines-

‘Public Buildings and Dwelling Houses were your buildings of two types,

Your drainage system was beyond words with properly fitted pipes’.

Q.4. Using any 1 figure of speech (Simile, Alliteration, personification or Hyperbole) create two lines using the term ‘Indus Valley’.


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